Gareth Clayton is an experienced Grants, Programmes and Monitoring and Evaluation Manager who works in the arts and Third Sectors. 

With over 10 years of experience working for funders and grant giving organisations Gareth is able to offer help to Third Sector, not-for-profit organisations and individuals  seeking funding to support their work.

To find out more about how Gareth can help, please get in touch.


"Gareth was a great support and critical friend to me and my colleagues whilst whilst Arts Emergency went through a period of change. In particular Gareth helped refine a complicated theory of change and was a reliable sounding board for those looking for good advice."

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About Me

I have over over ten years’ experience of working within the arts, culture and Third Sectors. 


Throughout my career I have focussed on strategic planning and practical administration of monitoring and evaluation, programme management and grant making practices.


I have run multi-million pound funding programmes, focussed on a range of causes, including environment, social action, education and arts and culture. 


I have extensive experience of working with a wide range of stakeholders including applicants and grantees, corporate representatives, high-net-worth individuals and academics. 


I take particular pride in supporting and advising potential applicants and grantees from the very beginning of their application journey. I have developed a comprehensive and compassionate method in my approach, which recognises the importance of transparent support for all applicants.




I have an academic background in Art History and I received my MA from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I have been fortunate enough to combine my love of art and culture with recent professional roles and it is my intention that this continues through the support I offer at 3rd SECTOR ART.



Gareth is able to offer a range of support options:

Strategic Planning

Focussing on small and medium arts organisations, I am able to offer strategic development and research guidance. Whether you are looking to plan for the future development of your whole organisation or for a range of distinct projects, I can help you take the first steps in this work. 

I have extensive experience of working on Theory of Change and strategic planning projects and have supported organisations with an external view on their plans and goals for their work. 

Please get in touch if you think you might benefit from this kind of support.

Application Advice

Whether you are an arts charity, museum or institution seeking to fund unique projects or a researcher, academic or student looking to fund your research or formal studies, I can support you to identify funding opportunities and formulate and write application proposals.

I have extensive experience working within grant making organisations and therefore have a unique a valuable "inside" perspective on what can make an application successful.

Independent Application Assessment

The main focus of my professional career for the last 10 years has been on supporting applicants and assessing applications for funding.

I am able to offer a thorough and highly professional service whereby I assess applications to funders, across a range of funding programmes. Thus freeing up your internal capacity and offering external expertise that you may not have to hand.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The other element of my career has been focussed on creating frameworks for monitoring and evaluation of grants, assessing reports and using learning from these processes to inform future grant making on a strategic and practical level.

I am able to offer a range of support in each area outlined above so please feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs. 

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